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Medical Transport

Many people have suddenly found themselves in a position where an employee, relative, loved one, or friend is seriously ill or injured in an area where proper and adequate medical treatment is not available. In many cases they are neither able to cope nor able to obtain the necessary medical assistance. Air Ambulance International (AAI) is a specialist organisation, which can rapidly provide the very best air ambulance cost for :

  • The Insurance Industry:
  • Travel industry:
  • International Repatriation Companies:
  • Embassies:
  • Public and Private Companies:
  • Hospital Trusts:
  • The National Health Service:
  • The Private customer.


Doctors, nurses and paramedics, appropriately qualified for the patient's condition are available to escort patients throughout the world that gives a flexible and reasonable air ambulance cost.

To or from OVERSEAS

With extensive experience in this field, we are able at short notice to effect the safe, competent and comprehensive evacuation by medically equipped aircraft of patients from any part of the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a year. This affordable air ambulance cost service provides:

  • Investigation
  • Assessment
  • Report and Advice
  • Ticketing
  • Medical Clearance
  • Transfers to and from airports
  • Medical escorts
  • All necessary equipment
  • Hospital admission and appropriate medical referral
  • Continuous liaison and reporting to the client throughout

The cost of this service is commonly not inexpensive. It depends on the range of assistance needed (including the cost of doctors, nurses, medical equipments), and the aeromedical crew that ultimately deals with the client's transportation. But the major factor in regulating the cost calculation is the fuel usage depends on the difficulties due to the flight duration. The cost ranges from approximately $15.000-$50.000, but may vary in every country or each service company. Payment procedure of air ambulance service is generally the same to other medical payment system. You can pay in cash, or by using credit card. We also accept money orders, bank wire drafts, cashier checks, or personal checks, so you could choose the one that is most convenience for the patient's condition.

When you need the best, contact us at AAI. The company that offers flexible and reasonable air ambulance cost.

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