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Air ambulance service by Air Ambulance International (AAI) has an associated network of most of the best hospitals in the USA and worldwide. This tie-up makes sure that we, a truly dedicated medical emergency transport service provider, can evacuate the injured or sick patient and take care that most appropriate medical treatment is provided in the lowest possible time interval. We are able to arrange for aeromedical transport at any time of the day or the night and throughout the year.

As it is rightly said in the idiom "Haste makes Waste", one must in a big hurry not choose such a service which may be costly as well as services are not provided up to the mark. An aeromedical evacuation which is poorly organized may prove to be harmful and not helpful to both the patient and the family. There is a need for this kind of fast mobile transportation when the patient is severely ill and has undergone specified treatment for a week or so and needs to be transported to home without any risk.

While searching for such highly professionalized air ambulance services, it is suggested that you must not ask your broker to contact the companies for the relevant details. You need to straight away have a discussion with our aeromedical company and get the full information about our aeromedical evacuation service. This is so because you will work out the details with our company directly, you will not have to give extra commission to the “middle man”. As a result you will get the benefit of a really cost-effective aeromedical service. Usually our medical transport company also help in the insurance matters if required so that you can handle to medical emergency with better ease.

When you need the best, please contact us at Air Ambulance International (AAI). The trusted and highly dedicated professional air ambulance service company.

Lear 35 aeromedical transport jet

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