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Ambulance flight is something we at Air Ambulance International (AAI) do take very seriously. It is not just another ambulancel flight. Nothing is much more precious than life itself and when that life is in question, seconds do count! Our highly trained crew and staff  take great pride in knowing what we are trying to achieve and working as part of your team to get it done, properly, promptly, cost-effectively and with the highest level of professional care and consideration.

Our fixed wing aircraft is geared up and certified for emergency ambulance flight services.

When needed, in cooperation with recognized medical institutions and hospitals, we can also provide medical assistance and a team of doctors to oversee the patient’s transport. Both the medical teams and the ambulance flight crews have received highly specialized training to be able to carry out aeromedical transport missions.

Mobility and speed are our trademarks, which is why we, at AAI, have a 24 hour, 7 days a week standby service to be able to go into full operation right away when and where the need is greatest.

When you need the best, contact us at AAI. The aeromedical professionals in ambulance flight.

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