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An air ambulance company, like Air Ambulance International (AAI), is a provider of air ambulance company medical flight services for patients who require transport over long distances where ground retrieval by emergency vehicle is not a possibility. Typically, AAI provides medical flights using fixed wing jet. These air ambulance company aircraft are outfitted with modern medical aviation equipment that is similar to what you one would find in an emergency room. They typically have a ventilator, monitoring system, stretcher, and other state of the art medical equipment on board. In flight, the patient is usually looked after by a registered professional company flight nurse and a company flight paramedic. The flight nurse and paramedic are fully trained in aeromedical medicine. This aeromedical training involves standard Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and paramedic training, as well as the specific training for aeromedical transport. The company's paramedic crews will typically pick up the patient via ground ambulance from their departing facility, drive with them to an airfield, load them onto the airplane, and then deliver them to their final destination.

Typically, medical transportation by aircraft is required when a patient needs to be transported to another facility which can provide a higher level of care not available at their current facility. In other cases, such as when a patient is terminally ill, medical transportation by aircraft will be provided when the family requests for the individual to be flown back home so that they may be with their family in their final days. In other situations, such as when someone is on vacation in another country and they become ill or are involved in an accident, an aeromedical flight aircraft will be utilized to fly the patient back to their home country.

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