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The costs of of this type of medical transport service by Air Ambulance International (AAI) depends on 5 factors.

- The type of aircraft used.

- The distance flown by the aircraft

- Number of medical personnel required to attend the patient

- The distance the ground ambulance vehicle carrying the patient need to travel

In the event you elect to choose an air ambulance or if you are compelled to use one in an emergency, you will be charged based on the individual services rendered. Generally, flight times are predictable, with the price ,for example, of a Florida-to-New-York state trip varying from $3,500 to $9,000, and one from the state of California to Virginia running from $4,500 to $18,000. These base prices are largely determined by what type of aircraft you select and what our aeromedical flight company has available. The medical staff's degree of specialty will determine additional charges, with trained emergency nurses being the least expensive and specialty physicians and trauma surgeons the more expensive. These prices, and those of medications that could be administered, are far too specialized to give a representative average; you should get a quote of the air ambulance costs involved directly from our aeromedical flight transport company, if possible.


Many people assume that our air ambulances are simply a faster method of transportation in a medical emergency. However, these medically equipped aircraft also provide "bedside-to-bedside" services for invalids and highly customized care for people who are in critical condition yet must embark on a trip for any reason. Our private medical flight transport service aircraft can provide all the comforts of a private jet or airplane cabin, along with highly trained professional medical personnel to make sure the trip goes smoothly for all parties.

Word of caution

Always work with your doctor if possible if you are in poor health and making plans for making a trip. While an air ambulance may seem like the reasonably better way to deal with your unstable condition while still allowing you to travel, nothing can replace the care you get from a doctor who knows you and is familiar with your condition. Never arrange any type of medical transport without keeping all of your attending physicians informed, as well.


When you need the best, contact us at AAI, the medflight company which offers flexible and reasonable air ambulance costs.

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