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Many people have suddenly found themselves in a position where an employee, relative or friend is seriously ill or injured in an area where adequate medical treatment is not available. In many cases they are neither able to cope nor able to obtain the necessary medical assistance. Air Ambulance International (AAI) is a specialist organisation, which can rapidly provide the very best in affordable air ambulance flight costs for :

  • The Insurance Industry:
  • Travel industry:
  • International Repatriation Companies:
  • Embassies:
  • Public and Private Companies:
  • Hospital Trusts:
  • The National Health Service:
  • The Private customer.


Doctors, nurses and paramedics, appropriately qualified for the patient's condition are available to escort patients throughout the world on our affordable air ambulance flight costs.

Reasonable Rates of AEROMEDICAL TRANSPORT to or from OVERSEAS

With extensive experience in this field, we are able at short notice to effect the safe, competent and comprehensive evacuation by aeromediical transport of patients from any part of the world. This affordable air ambulance flight costs service provides:

  • Investigation, assessment and advice in the event of accident or sudden illness overseas.
  • Medical advice by our company doctor, with accessibility to specialists in the relevant field of medicine.
  • Choosing the aircraft appropriate for the patient's medical needs as well as the flying time involved.
  • A wide range of modern aviation medical equipment.
  • Appropriate paramedic teams responding to the patient's condition.
  • Scheduling paramedical teams, flights, and arranging medical referral at the receiving hospital.
  • Liaison with the client throughout.
  • All aspects of the client, his care, and transportation are properly insured.

The air ambulance flight costs to transport a loved one continues to rise with the increasing costs to provide transportation services. Recently, a typical air ambulance flight from California to North Carolina in the USA now costs around $ 35,000 for the medical jet and medical aviation crew including ground ambulance charges in each city compared to long distance ground costs around $12,000. Transporting a patient by ground is one third the cost of transporting a person by air. 

Why the big difference? Here are a few reasons. Jet fuel prices have not fallen nearly as much as gasoline prices. During these challenging economic times fewer people can afford an air ambulance flight thus the overhead costs rise to offset the fewer flight hours. Insurance costs have risen significantly along with the frequency of aircraft accidents. Salaries for critical care flight nurses are among the highest for all nursing positions. Flight training and recurrent training costs for pilots continue to rise.  With fewer medical aviation companies operating there is less competition than even 2 years ago.

Therefore, only the most critical patients who may require invasive medical care and the shortest time in transfer are going by air ambulance, as they should. 

The good news is that there are things you can do to minimize the financial impact of a medical flight and still count on a quality service. And, AAI is the most reputable air ambulance provider who will work with you to keep the costs down. 

When you need the best, contact us at AAI. The best in affordable air ambulance flight costs.

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