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A paramedic is a healthcare professional that works in emergency medical situations. Paramedics provide advanced levels of care for medical emergencies and trauma.The majority of paramedics are based in the field in ambulances, emergency response vehicles, or in specialist mobile units such as cycle response. Paramedics provide out-of-hospital treatment and some diagnostic services although some may undertake hospital-based roles, such as in the treatment of injuries.

Common skills and expertise

While there are varying degrees of training and expectations around the world, a general set of skills shared by essentially all air ambulance paramedics and EMTs includes:

  • Spinal injury management, including immobilization and safe transport
  • Fracture management, including assessment, splinting, and use of traction splints where appropriate
  • Obstetrics, including assessment, assisting with uncomplicated childbirth, and recognition of and procedures for obstetrical emergencies such as breech presentation, cord presentation, and placental abruption
  • Management of burns, including classification, estimate of surface area, recognition of more serious burns, and treatment
  • Advanced airway management techniques including surgical airways.
  • Triage of patients in a mass casualty incident
  • Assessment and evaluation of general incident scene safety
  • Effective verbal and written reporting skills (charting)
  • Routine medical equipment maintenance procedures
  • Routine radio operating procedures
  • Emergency vehicle operation

This means that our air ambulance paramedics at Air Ambulance International must be able to not only work alone, but also perform advanced treatments in challenging environments such as on a boat or 10,000 feet in the air.

Medical flight escorts onboard our medflight transport aircraft

Doctors, nurses and paramedics, appropriately qualified for the patient's condition are available to escort patients throughout the world.

When you need the best in air ambulance paramedics, contact Air Ambulance International. The air ambulance paramedic company.


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