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What To Expect Of AAI’s Air Ambulance Service

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At Air Ambulance International (AAI), we generate as little stress as possible for the patient or family and the ambulance flight crew. Detailed here are the main points an air ambulance service should cover in order in which we are highly qualified.

Complete Life Flight Medical Care

Our air ambulance service medical staff are very experienced and trained for flight conditions. Unlike regular nurses or paramedics, they have full understanding and a thorough knowledge of various conditions and medical procedures involved in aeromedical transport. These emergency medical technicians are ready to assist a critical patient and to make quick decisions when necessary. They are able to use life support devices and medical equipment and to know what to do in case the patient suffers from a condition that may endanger his or her life.


Safety is our first priority when transporting patients who are experiencing serious medical conditions. This is why we, as a domestic and international air ambulance service, employ experienced pilots and medical specialists with numerous hours of flight and training time.

Air Ambulance International uses fixed wing aircraft equipped with the state-of- the-art medical technology and life support equipment so that the patient isn't at risk of losing his or her life because of lack of equipment. These medical flight transport aircraft are carefully checked before and after each mission in order to minimize the risk of a technical flaw that could lead to a disaster.

Cost Efficiency

Standard aircraft used for such medical flight services are Learjet and Gulfstream III. Each has different characteristics. The cost of the patient transport depends on several factors. This is why, when a patient or client asks for a medical flight quote, our flight coordinator will ask some questions in order to assess the needs of the patient and find the best and most cost-effective solutions for that specific case.

Additional Services

The best air ambulance service companies often provide extra assistance. We include special services for patients who are severely injured or immobilized in bed.

Another kind of service we provide is a non-emergency medical transport on commercial flights. Medical escorts or flight nurses are suitable for patients who can walk but may suffer from a delicate medical condition that could worsen suddenly, thus requiring immediate medical attention.

The air ambulance service flight will be well coordinated and every member of the crew will do his best total with dedication. The flight will be as comfortable as physically possible for the patient. AAI’s pilots and medical staff are reputable and ensure their accreditation papers and licenses up to date and they participate in continuous medical education to keep up on the latest discoveries in the medical world.

When you need the best, please contact us at Air Ambulance International (AAI). The trusted and highly dedicated professional air ambulance transport company.

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