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Our 24 hour control center offers you a truly dedicated and extensive air ambulance patient transport.


  1. Investigation, assessment and advice in the event of accident or sudden illness overseas.
  2. Medical advice by our company doctor, with accessibility to specialists in the relevant field of medicine.
  3. Choosing the air transports appropriate for the patient's medical needs as well as the flight time involved.
  4. A wide range of modern aviation medical equipment and advanced life support.
  5. Appropriate medical air teams, flight nurses or medical escorts responding to the patient's condition.
  6. Scheduling medical personnel, air medical flights, and arranging medical referral at the receiving hospital.
  7. Liaison with the client throughout.
  8. All aspects of the client, their critical care, and transportation are properly insured.

Air ambulance evacuation is an extremely delicate and complex matter and could be the answer!

It is oftentimes neither in the medical interest of the patient nor within the financial resource of the individual in having to pay the bill. Financial pressures, however, will have to be ignored and all decisions taken on medical grounds, otherwise an unnecessary element of great risk is introduced.

Quick and improperly organized air ambulance evacuations could result in costly and ill coordinated exercises to the detriment of the patient and loved ones.

While the need for air ambulance medical repatriation does exist, it should not be the automatic and precipitated response in every case where a person has been injured or taken seriously ill in a remote area. This particularly applies to the patient who, having undergone a prescribed course of treatment for a week or so, could then by repatriated by scheduled airline service without undue risk.

Alternatively, time and expense are wasted if the life flight team arrive only to discover that the patient's condition prohibits travel by ambulance flight altogether. Good communication from the outset will save a considerable amount of time, expense and stress involved.

Our air ambulance company is an experienced 24/7 emergency ambulance transport fixed wing aircraft service which can best determine the most suitable action to transport patients when that is required in the event of a medical emergency occurring overseas.


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