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Air ambulances are aircraft, which are specially designed for providing medical assistance in critical medical situations. Like traditional ambulances, they carry a small crew of professional aeromedical personnel and basic equipment like ECG and monitors, ventilators, medication and stretchers. These ambulances provide the safest and fastest way of transporting patients to proper facilities for treatment. Pilots flying these ambulances have much higher credentials than the ones flying non-emergency flights. The American government and the Commission on Air Medical Transportation Systems (CAMTS) have set various standards for aeromedical transport service companies. The rules and regulations made by CAMTS ensure that pilots, crew and aircraft can deliver the proper medical care and attention when required.

Specialized training is required for the on board paramedical crew for many reasons. Sometimes there is very limited space on board the air ambulance and the aeromedical crew must perform emergency medical procedures within the limited space available. These aircraft do not have pressurized cabins and the aeromedical crew must have the skills to adjust the medication and check for the changes in physiology and behavior of gases against pressure.

People who are looking for such aeromedical flight services should know that there are many variables, which affect the cost of an air ambulance service transport. Initially, you should create a short list of the companies that can provide you with the required services. Do a bit of careful research and compare the cost and quality of the services offered. It's always best to approach a firm directly instead of making contact through a broker. Brokers always find the lowest cost possible and then add a fee for their services to the cost. The type of aircraft being used as an ambulance will greatly affect the cost. Before settling on the type of aircraft you want, you should carefully consider the distance of the flight. The number of professional personnel required aboard will also influence the cost. If the patient requires just a couple of paramedical technicians on board then the cost will be much less. On the other hand if the patient requires an entire specialized medical team to be on board then the cost will rise drastically. If a friend or relative of the patient travels with the patient, the ambulance flight service may charge additional fees. In case the patient has health insurance coverage, its best to find out what costs of transportation by aeromedical transport is covered by the policy.

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