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It all started way back in 1999 when Peter met up with a gentleman at a networking meeting. When Peter asked him what he did for a living he mentioned that he worked for a major airline in the AOG department (Aircraft On Ground is airline speak, meaning that an aircraft has a technical fault and requires a spare part flown in from another location).

Peter offered his experience of some 4O years, being in and around aircraft since the early 196O's when he was in the Royal Air Force, and subsequently heading up a company based at Heathrow International Airport in the 197O's, culminating with the advent of Heathrow Air Ambulance in 1978 and Air Ambulance International in 1998.

Soon after meeting this contact, we received a call from one of his colleagues to inquire if we could locate a suitable aircraft and crew to fly a spare part from London¹s Gatwick Airport to Milan, Italy. Luckily, we found a suitable cargo jet aircraft, which flew the part required, this allowed the commercial flight to take off with minimal delay to the fare paying passengers.

And so the Aircraft On Ground department was born.

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Since then we have expanded the service, flying to difficult and exotic parts of the World, using some of the world's specialized cargo aircraft including the DC1O, Hercules, Lockheed 1O11, Boeing 747 while not forgetting the largest, the Antonov 124 which has been used for the carriage of not one, but two 777 engines on several occasions (as shown in the picture above).  

AAI looks forward to serving you on your next very important aircraft on ground shipment.

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