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Over the many years of operation in providing Air Ambulance Services we have helped many thousands of private clients and worked with many different organizations across the globe.

Some of the corporate organizations we have provided services for include....

Bank of America
Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman
Embassy of the United States of America
Office of the Prime Minister of Republic of Cape Verde
University of California, Irvine
Graphics Arts Technology, Belmont MA
American International Assistance Services Inc
Medra Inc, Malibu
St Jude's Children's Research Hospital Memphis

Feedback from customers includes.... I wanted to thank you again for all you did for my dad.  Although he is still in ICU, he is doing better.  He sat in the chair for 2 hours yesterday & had some amazing jello for Easter Sunday dinner.  You are such a gentleman & my family & I are eternally grateful for saving my dad's life.  You will always have a special place in my heart.

CP, Indianapolis

Thank you for the excellent caring professional attention you gave to my daughter when you transferred her on stretcher from Milan to London and then onto Vancouver. The layover at Heathrow and the care you provided helped stabilize her condition. My sincere thanks to your team of caring professionals.

RM, Richmond, BC Canada

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the wonderful care that your paramedics provided on the recent trip from Gatwick to Lexington, Kentucky.

BH, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Your flight doctor accompanied my husband, myself and two children home from Turko, Finland to Atlanta, GA, USA. There are no words to describe how wonderful he was. Not only was he professional at all time, doing his job excellently, but his humor always made the bad times better. We think he was our angel sent by God, because he was so perfect for our family. Thanks to you my husband is home and doing great. Our thanks to you for making a very bad situation better.

JT, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Your flight paramedic, Peter, arrived in Venice, Italy, to assist my wife with a medical repatriation. It was urgent that we return to our home in Florida as quickly as possible. Peter acted in a professional and timely fashion and took care of Italian red tape and assisting us through customs and accompanied us to Gatwick where he ensured we got on the next leg of our journey home. We would both like to thank Peter for his assistance and kindness to us. My wife is doing well and we look to a full recovery soon.

WM, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA

I felt I must write re a recent encounter with your company. Your flight nurse, Wanda, arrived in our department to escort a very poorly man from LA to Athens.The time between flights was 4 hours and during this stop over time Wanda used this time to administrator the best nursing care I have seen to her comatosed patient. Her compassion, understanding and nursing capabilities were first class. She is a genuine asset to your company.

LS, Senior Sister, Middlesex Hospital, UK

I am writing to express my gratitude to Deborah for her handling of my father on the flight Egypt. While I was unable to join Deborah on the flight to Egypt, I later learned that she acted quickly, effectively and to the best of my father's interests at several junctures along the trip. I would be happy to act as a reference as a result of my experience.

HK, New York, USA

We are very pleased to say that you guys did an excellent job which was well executed by all of your team players - Medical flight, ambulance, ground crew and everyone who participated in this effort to transport our brother-in-law safely from Colombo to Southampton General, UK. We know it is not easy to coordinate such an effort to get this job done and sincerely appreciate your professional services. Everyone who had contact with your organization highly praised every member of your team. As you know it is hard for us to choose especially in a critical decision to find one of the ambulance services in the WWW and from the very moment we first contacted you we had the instinct, that you guys are the right people to do this. We were absolutely delighted of the outcome and that we choose you among lots of others. Please give our regards to the medical, flight and all members who participated. We do not have the right words to thank you but we will be talking about you for decades to come.

KH, Haree

Just a note to convey our thanks to you all for assisting my husband Lewis home from Afghanistan. The good news is that he is now totally recovered. Our doctors determined it was his gall bladder and they removed it. Needless to say he stayed home for 3 months before returning to work in Afghanistan. He no longer takes any diabetic meds, so he is really up and running at full speed. As his wife I wanted to personally take some time to let you know that my children and I appreciate the care you gave to Lewis. My husband has told me some of the things that transpired during his trip home and it just reiterated your professionalism. We will be forever grateful to you and your team.

CB, Copperas Cove, Texas, USA

I wish to thank you for your efforts which resulted in my wife being safely delivered from Athens Greece to San Diego. I wish to especially thank you for sending your flight nurse Sheilato assist my wife. There is no-one in the world could have done a better job of assisting my wife than Sheila. Her compassion, caring and knowledge made the difference. Please send her heartfelt thanks to Sheila. She will be forever in our thoughts and prayers. My wife is currently at a rehabilitation facility and should be able to get around with the use of a 'walker' in a couple of weeks. Thanks again.

BB, San Diego, USA

This is an enthusiastic thank you message for the fine professional as well as warm personal attention that your flight nurse, Kevin, provided to me on a very long day that began in Riga, Latvia and did not end until he delivered me safely home 23 hours later. Fortunately no difficulties arose with my health during the two flights or the very long wheelchair transfer at Heathrow. I am slowly regaining my ability to walk normally and hope to have fully recovered in a few months. Best wishes from my wife and me.

LR, Belmont, MA, USA

Your flight nurse, Trevor was of great assistance, worked with compassion and was most attentive and easy to like on the recent medical repatriation of my partner from Malta to New Mexico. Trevor deposited Francis into her home last evening at 20.30 and returned the 45 miles to his hotel in El Paso. Thank you for the excellent service and assistance which minimized the pain and trauma of our trip with a cracked pelvic bone.

CT, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Your company arranged for your flight nurse, Peter, to escort me on flights from Istanbul, Turkey via Amsterdam to my home in Minneapolis. My husband and I were grateful and most impressed with Peter's appearance and expertise. The equipment he brought helped to make the long trip on a stretcher much more comfortable. His help in getting us through airports and his overall gentle caring manner were wonderful. We needed a person like him at that time and he was there for us. He represents the excellent quality you obviously demand of your employees. I'll heal faster here in America than in Turkey as I can communicate with those entrusted with my care so much easier. Very ill and in pain I wanted to be home. You made it possible and pleasant with the aid if Peter. Since not all airlines will except stretcher cases, I applaud your efforts on our behalf to get us home. We will never be able to properly thank you but we will always remember you with much gratitude.

MC, Minneapolis, Washington, MN, USA

This is to compliment your flight doctor, Tony, who was an escort to me on a very long journey from Hong Kong to Boston. He was a real gentleman and of tremendous assistance to me. I was recovering from a pacemaker implant surgery in Hong Kong. It was a comfort so far from home to know that there was someone of his skills right at my side - who also pushed the wheelchair, took care of luggage, etc. My 85 year old mother was traveling with me and Tony saw to her needs as well. Without me to help her at the end of our trip, she needed some assistance and Tony was right there for her. Very truly yours.

MS, Columbia, SC, USA

I was recently hospitalized in Brunsbüttel, Germany after having a serious heart attack on a cruise ship. Your flight nurse, Trevor, came over to accompany my wife and I on our return to Detroit via Hamburg and Amsterdam. Trevor's presence gave us a sense of security as he acted in a very professional manner with confidence. It was obvious he could handle any problem we might encounter. Please comment Trevor on our behalf, not only for the medical attributes but for being a companion and seeing us safely through several situations.

EW, Troy, Mich, USA

I wanted to thank you for the quick attention that you gave to me in setting up a return flight to Beirut for a terminal patient and her family. This was also the day his father passed away. The family decided to stay here for the reminder of the treatment but I felt confident in the services I was presenting to the family. You went out of your way to make me feel like my patient and her family were in good hands. Thank you for the prompt friendly service.

HZ, Transplant Clinical Nurse Specialist, Memphis, TN, USA

These are but some of the many letters we receive from our private clients, corporate clients, insurance companies and medical centers.

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