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Repatriation is linked with health care due to the costs and resources associated with providing medical treatment to travelers. For example, if someone is in the United States with a visa becomes ill, the insurance that the visa holder has in his or her native country may not apply in the U.S., especially if it is a country with universal healthcare coverage. This scenario forces hospitals to choose one of three options:

1. Limit their services to emergency care only

2. Repatriate the patient back to his or her native country where he or she will be covered according to that country's health care policy.

3. Repatriate the patient back to his or her native country where he or she will be covered according to that country's policy.

In some cases, a traveler's personal insurance company is required to repatriate the patient for medical treatment. The modality of repatriation could be via regular flight, by ground, or by air ambulance.

Air Ambulance International is a specialist organisation that excels in medical repatriation by flight ambulance and which can rapidly provide the very best medical evacuation and repatriation solutions for :

* The travel insurance industry:
* Travel industry:
* International repatriation companies:
* Embassies:
* Public and private companies:
* The private customer.


Doctors, med specialists, nurses and paramedics, all of these professional personnel who are appropriately qualified for the patient's condition, are available to escort patients by air throughout the world.


With extensive experience in this field, we are able at short notice to effect the safe, competent and comprehensive transfer of patients from any part of the world. Either by scheduled airline or private jet. This 24 hour, 7 days a week service provides:

* Investigation
* Assessment
* Report and Advice
* Ticketing
* Med Clearance
* Transfers to and from airports
* Escort by doctor/flight nurse(s)
* All the necessary equipment
* Hospital/medical facility admission and obtaining the appropriate medical referral
* Continuous liaison and reporting to the client throughout

Please contact us to avail of proper medical repatriation.

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